Trump and the Complicit and Cowardly

Here is Trump’s latest effort to purge the White House of any of those who still might possess an ounce of integrity:

Virtually all that remains in the GOP Congress and his cabinet are one of two types:

1) Individuals who have no pride or shame, possessing a warped moral compass, having no problem with lying, cheating, participating in a coverup, and fully complicit in Trump’s mutation of what the Republicans Party has become. Trump is a dictator who is purposely eroding democracy, and these Republicans say “That’s fine with us. In fact, we’ll help you do it.”

2) Republicans who truly believe Trump is inept, mentally ill, and corrupt but are so scared to defy him, having seen the consequences of what happens if you do. Not only can you kiss your political career, and that comfortable job you were promised afterward goodbye (at that firm you passed legislation on behalf of), you will also be insulted by Trump publicly which will spark the death threats and concern for the safety of you and your family.

In fact, Col. Vindman has already experienced this, having been forced to relocate is family off base right after he testified.

And just for good measure, Trump fired Vindman’s brother as well.

The warning signs of this administrations threat to democracy have been obvious for a while,  having now turned into a full fledged siren, with little effort to even conceal the autocratic and authoritarian behavior any longer.

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