Hannity, Levin, and a Thorough Dive Into Their Propaganda Machine

The GOP coverup continues, perfectly compliant with Trump’s orders to his subpoenaed cabinet members with direct knowledge of his misdeeds not to testify. They’re fully supportive of Trump’s refusal to release court-requested documents that would surely be damaging to him. They see nothing wrong with redacted information contained in the documents that we actually do have- redactions made not for the sake of national security, but rather to black out the text that simply make Trump look foolish.

Instead we are urged by the GOP propaganda network Fox “News” to focus our attention elsewhere. That we should look back to their warnings of a democracy gone bad really looks like. Enter the fiend truly responsible of America’s demise- Barack Hussein Obama.

They exposed him for what he was – providing photographic evidence of Obama once saluting with a coffee in his hand. Another instance he wore a tan suit. On several occasions, he was seen not wearing an American flag pin on his lapel.

It’s safe to say, if Fox “News” hadn’t been around, we wouldn’t have known about these shocking truths. The corrupt liberal fake-news mainstream media certainly wouldn’t have reported on this all important behavior that threatens the very fabric of our nation.

Back to reality. This should be the extinction of the Republican Party as we know it, as this criminality and disintegration of logic and reasoning is the natural outcome of 25 years of Limbaugh and Fox “News”.

“Professors are wrong.” “Scientists are wrong.” Notions that are essentially spoken by skilled orators who are ideologically driven, yet possess very little actual knowledge about subjects such as climate change.

If we lived in a country where pragmatism rules, these would be the last days of the GOP and those networks that support them, with viewers and listeners snapping out of their decades-long spell, abandoning the farce. The existence of Fox “News” and the actors that willfully host, has become an undeniable cult-like propaganda network, spreading outright lies, with the hopes that you don’t seek knowledge outside their bubble.

Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are two of the major players in the heap of misinformation. With all their outright falsehoods, you would think these two couldn’t have a viewership of more than a couple dozen people with tin foil hats, willing to believe anything. Instead, they are the hosts of some of the most popular conservative programs on both radio and TV, with Hannity routinely having direct communication with Donald Trump himself.

But surely, whatever these guys are saying, they have to be right. Because when they speak here in the provided clip, it is encapsulated in the beauty of a cascading mixture of red white and blue. They saturate your TV screen with America.

With that inspirational background, their dialogue and opinions must surely be basted in 100% pure U.S.A. grade A patriotism. If you were unconvinced by the colors of patriotism codifying the Fox “News” logo, they would urge you to look again at the R.W.&B that entrenches the entire set, filling up your screen at all times.
From the American flag centerpiece, to books in the background that are written in nothing but liberty. If those colors don’t convince you that they speak American, look at the half dozen presidential portraits also lingering in the background. Still unconvinced? The show is “Life, Liberty, and Levin”. Their set screams “We are the real patriots! We are the real Americans!”

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

-Sinclair Lewis

Now to the interview which can be seen here.  Agreeing and supportive of each others statements, they speak confidently and passionately, giving the impression that they must be telling the truth.  But unchallenged and well-spoken narcissists are those who are most skilled at creating a believable alternate reality to those willing to listen.

Levin: “The President says ‘Do us a favor’ (followed instantly by Hannity pointing to the sky and emphasizing “US”).

The argument here, is that Donald Trump couldn’t have been asking for a personal favor because he used the word “US” and not “ME”. As ignorant as Trump is, even he has enough common sense not to use overtly incriminating language to state his ill-intentions. As if Trump would phrase his request like the following:

“Mr. Zellinsky, I wish to blackmail you and will secretly go under the official government departments and use my personal goon Rudy Guliani to communicate with you so you can get dirt on Joe Biden so I have a better chance of winning the election. And if you don’t do this personal favor for me, I won’t hand over U.S. tax-dollars to you”

In fact, if Trump is skilled at anything, it would be using slick, non-incriminating language for nefarious purposes. He has decades of experience, conning business associates and creating fraudulent charities and universities, amongst many other corrupt practices. He’s too skilled of a con-man to make an amateurish mistake of requesting Zellinsky to do HIM a favor.

Levin: “He’s talking about the country working with the attorney general.”

Yes, he was “talking” about working with the AG, but the AG was never actually the one Zellensky had to work through. Rather Trump used his personal lawyer (“Talk to Rudy”) circumventing the usual methods that would have make this public. .

Why didn’t Trump act transparently by operating through the Department Of Justice with the request to investigate Hunter Biden’s position in Burisma? Because it’s all B.S. Through reporting and witness testimony, this was clearly a scheme to create a baseless controversy about Trump’s most formidable political opponent, to better his own chances for reelection in 2020.

If you need further evidence that the Biden story is baseless, look no further to the Senate hearings, in which the Republicans had the votes to finally subpena Joe or Hunter Biden to answer to this great Burisma scandal they so shamelessly promote. But they did no such thing.

Levin: “The media says there was (no collusion with Ukraine), the same media that pushed the phoney Russia collusion Trump campaign.”

The “phoney” Russian collusion showed ten instances that Mueller thought could be obstruction of justice, to which he passed down to Congress to act upon. He believed that it was not his job, rather that of Congress to interpret his findings and decide if there was obstruction of justice. Once released, his findings were so badly slanted by right-wing media and by Trump acolyte AG William Barr, that that Mueller had to organize a press conference to correct the record and to state that his report didn’t exonerate Trump.

Then there’s this from page 18 in “The Mueller Report”

“Further, the Office learned that some of the individuals we interviewed or whose conduct we investigated — including some associated with the Trump Campaign — deleted relevant communications or communicated during the relevant period using applications that feature encryption or that do not provide for long-term retention of data or communications records. In such cases, the Office was not able to corroborate witness statements through comparison to contemporaneous communications or fully question witnesses about statements that appeared inconsistent with other known facts.

Accordingly, while this report embodies factual and legal determinations that the Office believes to be accurate and complete to the greatest extent possible, given these identified gaps, the Office cannot rule out the possibility that the unavailable information would shed additional light on (or cast in a new light) the events described in the report. “

So evidence was destroyed that may have “shed additional light on (or cast in a new light) the events described in the report.” If an investigation is phoney and without merit, usually requested evidence is gladly turned over, rather than deleted.

Levin: “They (the liberal media) ignored Politico, they ignored the New York Times, they ignored Foreign Policy Magazine..they ignored the evidence”

Here is the truthful translation of Levin if he had the intention of being honest:

“They ignored the one story that was carried in Politico and the NY Times- a story that doesn’t even claim that they Ukrainians interfered in our election. But rather than believing our national intellegence and the thousands of other articles that speak truthfully that there is no evidence to suggest Ukraine interfered in our election, we want you to believe us and this article. “

The article expressed that the Ukrainian’s did have disdain for Trump. This position is natural when Trump makes a statement that you should just give in to Russia and let them take you over.

But Fox “News” is outraged because even though that article has no proof of Ukraine interference, Sean and Mark would lead you to believe that it does, essentially promoting Russian propaganda.

They promote this article not because it’s damning or telling, but because it fits their narrative.

What shills like Levin do very well, is find one article here and another one there, though shown to be factually shakey, outright false, or dosn’t even make the claims that they say it does. They then paint a narrative based on it their false reality (or alternative facts as Kellyanne Conway put it), and promote it endlessly.

Also note the irony that Levin is always complaining about the NYT and Politico as being fake news. But in this instance, they published a story he’d like to spin as evidence of Ukraine involvement in our election. Now the NYT and Politico are no longer fake and says shame on us for ignoring them.

Hannity: They ignored an Ukranian court..
Levin: “They ignored an Ukranina court that ruled in 2018, that in fact, they did interfere in our election..

This is absurd, disingenuous, and completely demonstrates the strength of their cult-like hold.

This Ukrainian court was viewed as one of the most corrupt court in the world, a fact supported by Ukrainian ambassadors Gordon Sondland, Marie Yovanovich, William Taylor, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs George Kent among others. There was not even any disagreement from Republicans participating in the House impeachment hearing. This is a non-controversial fact.

These courts were shown to be operating largely to punish political opponents of then President Viktor Yanukovych, while turning their heads to the corruption of his supporters.

This is the court that Hannity and Levin are furious that the press “ignored”.

And here’s exactly what that corrupt court found, taken from the Kyivpost:

“That court concluded that Leshchenko and Sytnyk had illegally interfered in Ukraine’s foreign policy when they revealed that the surname and signature of Paul Manafort, then a campaign manager for U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump, had been found in the so-called “black ledger” of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s Party of Regions. The court also stated that Leshchenko’s actions had caused “interference” in American electoral processes and harmed the Ukrainian state’s interests.”

In other words, the court found Ukranian reporter Serhiy Leshchenko guilty of actually doing his job by uncovering corruption on a national scale by uncovering a black ledger of illegal payments that belonged to president Yanukovych.

Why does the corrupt Ukranian court/Levin and Hannity view this as interfering with the U.S. election? Manifort’s name was on that list in the ledger that Leshchenko had uncovered and publicly released.

The corrupt Ukranian court, wanting to punish this reporter for having the audacity to dig up dirt on Yanukovych, found him guilty of influencing the U.S. election.

Because by justifiably and truthfully exposing Manifort as one of those on the black ledger engaging in illegal activities, it resulting in tainting the name of Manifort who was Trump’s campaign manager at the time, and now will hurt Trump’s chance for election. One couldn’t make this up.

The black ledger was shown to be legit and even used by Robert Mueller to help convict Paul Manifort.

And it gets worse.

This ruling by the corrupt court that Hannity and Levin are so eager to validate, was completely nullified by the same exact court with a different makeup, purged of it’s illegal and corrupt judges and officials after Yanukovych’s ouster.

Leshchenko’s own words:

“Here’s the truth: The administrative court — which has long had a reputation as the most corrupt in Ukraine — ruled in December 2018 that I had acted illegally by disclosing the payments to Manafort. We appealed, and the verdict was suspended. And in the summer of this year, we won the appeal and the court’s decision was completely annulled. The court concluded that all the charges against me were unfounded, and even obliged my opponents to reimburse me for $100 in legal costs.”

– Serhiy Leshchenko

Hannity and Levin knew all of these details. They promote lies. And they’re willing to bet hat their viewers will accept their words as gospel and not bothering to research what they say. This is Fox “News”.

Levin: “Then you go later into the phone call where the President raises Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, the President didn’t have any secret classified information on this, it was in the news..

I have never heard any media source making the claim that Trump divulged classified information in that phone call. Levin is simply presenting a straw-man, implying that there are those in the media who did . The public knew about the Hunter Biden/Burisma story back in 2014. But maybe a gold star is deserved for a sentence that’s actually truthful.

Levin: “And Joe Biden bragged about his Quid Pro Quo.” (referring to Biden, bragging that his threat to withhold $1B in U.S. aid to Ukraine finally led to a corrupt prosecutor general Victor Shokin).

Victor Shokin was the Ukrainian Prosecutor General, well known on an international scale to be an extremely corrupt (which naturally means Trump has praised him). This was the consensus by our U.S. State Department, our Western allies, and the IMF.

From Politifact:

“..Western leaders and institutions were largely united in seeking Shokin’s removal, arguing that he was not pursuing corruption cases aggressively. For instance in early 2016, International Monetary Fund chief Christine Legarde said that “it’s hard to see how the I.M.F.-supported program can continue” unless corruption prosecutions accelerate. “

Steven Pifer is a career foreign service officer who was ambassador to Ukranine under President Bill Clinton and deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs under Bush say that “’virtually everyone’ he knew in the U.S. government and virtually all non-governmental experts on Ukraine ‘felt that Shokin was not doing his job and should be fired. As far as I can recall, they all concurred with the vice president telling Poroshenko that the U.S government would not extend the $1 billion loan guarantee to Ukraine until Shokin was removed from office.”

As much as Biden spoke to his threat to withhold $1B in aid as the pivotal moment that made Ukraine fire Shokin, Ukraine would have also lost a lot of aid from the rest of the Western world, including funds from the European Union and the I.M.F. that would have been more punishing than $1B of U.S. aid that was threatened to withheld. The culmination of all global threats of sanctions and frozen funding likely led to the decision to ultimately remove Shokin.

Here is a comparison of Biden’s actions compared to Trump’s. The endless conservative promotion of the narrative that these were in any way similar has absolutely no ground:

Joe Biden, pursuant to Obama-administration policy, worked transparently using official government channels that the U.S. public and international allies was fully aware of. His actions were backed by the Western leaders, U.S. officials here at home as well as non-government experts in order to to oust a corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor. This was acting in the interests of improving foreign policy relations.

Trump attempted to withhold U.S. tax payer dollars to Ukraine unless they did him a personal favor, asking them to start a phony investigation into his political rival Joe Biden to better Trump’s chances to beat him in 2020. Donald Trump acting in the interest of himself, used his personal lawyer rather than government officials to conceal his actions to the public, having only been ousted by a whistleblower who thankfully went to the New York Times.

And Fox propaganda a wants you to believe this is comparable.


Levin: “(Biden) interfering in an investigation, that did, or could have involved his son.”

There’s simply no credible evidence anywhere that indicates Joe Biden interfered with an investigation. It does not exist. Otherwise, they’d subpoena Joe and Hunter Biden right now in the Senate impeachment hearings and at least use the opportunity to put the spotlight on him.

Levin: “So what do the Democrats in the media do? They turn it on its head. Oh! The President dared to mention this, and this grand conspiracy that the president’s involved in would include the attorney general, because he tells him to work with the attorney general.”

Again, the attorney general wasn’t organizing this scheme. It was instead Trump’s private lawyer Rudy Guiliani who ran the the show, rather than the DOJ. This kept the process undisclosed and away from public scrutiny.

Levin: “People say to me, it’s interfering with the election. It’s not interfering in an election.”
“You know what is interfering in the election Sean Hannity? This impeachment sham..”

This is a disturbing look inside the mind of the Fox propaganda cult leader. Here Levin denies that a secret request by a sitting U.S. president to a foreign leader asking them to publicly announce an investigation that will damage the reputation of his number one political opponent in 2020, is not interfering in an election.

But the aforementioned corrupt Ukrainian court decision that Levin and Hannity shamelessly promote is?

The actual “sham” here is what Levin and Hannity represent, linking their loyal viewership’s ideology to false claims, slanted stories, and outright myths.

Levin: “This is all about interfering with the 2020 election..”

Yes it was. Trump tried his best and got caught. He’s lucky that the GOP in the Senate either operate without a conscience or are completely terrified of him. His efforts won’t stop there though..

Levin: “Hijacking the House Of Representatives..”

I have never heard of a party hijacking a House in which they already have the majority. Levin now speaks in generalities, withholding specifics. But I’m guessing he’s talking about these “secret meetings” he and Fox “News” promote, involving Democrats conspiring against Trump in a locked room in the Capital building basement.

These meetings were so secret and exclusive to just Democrats, that the Republicans on the House Intelligence committee attended them. A total 47 Republicans were granted access to these meetings.

Dramatic theatrics ensued when Republicans who were not part of the actual committee and had no legal authority to be in the room, demanded to be let in through the locked door and took videos with their cell phones.

Levin: “No president has ever faced this. No President has ever been treated like this.”

The Levin/Hannity victimhood commentary finally crescendos here. No president has ever faced this because no President has ever acted like this. Never. He’s dictatorial. Lacks the basic understanding of how a government functions. Impulsion, lack of self control. Pathological lying, along with a natural corrupt and vengeful nature and a blatant threat to our democracy.

He is truly an individual with no redeeming qualities that I can find, as I try to do so on a daily basis. And as every day passes under POTUS 45, it becomes more and more inarguable that Donald Trump is the most inept and incompetent president in U.S. history. The media hasn’t gone after him enough, because “The Donald Trump Show” has been shown to be immensely profitable.

“Man, who would have expected the ride we’re all having right now? … The money’s rolling in and this is fun… I’ve never seen anything like this, and this going to be a very good year for us. Sorry. It’s a terrible thing to say. But, bring it on, Donald. Keep going.”

– Les Moonves, CBS Chairman, (comment made during 2016 primaries).

Levin: “No president’s ever had secret testimony, can’t call witnesses.”

We can assume here that he’s talking about the Republican’s desire to call up Hunter Biden as a witness. The Democrats didn’t allow it in the House because he’s a witness to nothing. Hunter Biden knows nothing about Trump’s communications with Ukraine president, the channels involved, or what was said. Yet the GOP need political theater as they have little else right now, in effort to direct attention away from the obvious criminality of Trump.

Even if Biden is 100% guilty of all the conspiracy theories the Republican’s promote, it still doesn’t change the fact that Trump bypassed the legal channels to secretly request Zellinsky to investigate Biden if he wants U.S. to release the aid to him allotted by Congress.

If they want to start a separate investigation on Hunter Biden, do it. Again, you can even have him testify under oath right now in the Senate, as you have 53 votes. But even the GOP senators know this is a sham, despite their rhetoric to convince the public otherwise.

The other witness they wanted to call up was the whistleblower, in effort expose and intimidate him. This is what Trump does, and is the real reason the Republican cowards in the Senate will vote to acquit Trump. This is completely unnecessary as witness after witness corroborated the whistleblower’s claims.

Furthermore, for Levin to make a comment like that demonstrates either a full unconditional devotion to his leader, or a profound lack of self awareness of the hypocrisy that tarnishes his statements.

Completely lost on Levin, is this list of witnesses Trump has ordered not to testify:

-Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani
-Energy Secretary Rick Perry
-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
-ex-National Security Adviser John Bolton
-acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney
– Vice President Mike Pence

These names are some of his top aids closest to him, having direct knowledge of what was said, who knew what, and how the operation was conducted. Remember that one of the Republican’s continuing complaints is that there are few witnesses with a “first hand” account of Trump’s statements and actions. But when Trump orders those with that kind of direct information not to testify, it makes the process of gathering the information rather difficult.

It’s amazing that a man like Trump, a poor innocent victim of the press, won’t allow the people who have direct knowledge of what happened to testify and vindicate him. Surely a man who has done nothing wrong would be more then willing to have those who were there and spoke with him directly to set the record straight and clear his name.

Levin: “His council can’t be present.”

Continuing to insist that Trump is a victim, Levin fails to mention that the impeachment in the House isn’t a trial. It’s a process to organize the evidence to see if the offense is indeed impeachable.

You wouldn’t have your lawyer present in the process of gathering and organizing evidence before the actual trial begins. This information gathering is executed to determine if your case should go to trial.

The actual trial is occurring right now in the Senate, where Trump has his council present. The rules by which the trial is conducted is determined by the Republicans who hold the majority in the Senate.

Levin: “Just like Obama interfered in the 2016 election.”

One is left to guess exactly what Levin is alluding to here. My best guess is head cult leader Trump’s claim that Obama “did nothing” to stop Russian interference. This is false, as explained by an NPR fact check:


Hannity: “The Strozk\Page text. The White House wants to be informed every step of the way.”

Finding two people that dislike Trump is hardly rare. And just because two people dislike Trump, doesn’t mean they can’t conduct an investigation honorably.

In fact, this was the recent conclusion of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz whom AG Barr himself appointed to look into bias of the 2016 Russian Investigation.

Horowitz found that political bias did not play a role:


Hannity: I wouldn’t be surprised because of Hillary’s secret server, that other countries tried to interfere.

Of course there is not a shred of evidence that this happened, rather we’re treated to Sean commenting and validating myths. This is effective as his loyalists trust him, and thereby plants the baseless idea into their heads.

Wondering if Sean will join us in the real world and express concern with Trump’s continued use of an unsecured phone line- actual instances that has been widely reported on and confirmed in the House hearings through witness testimony.

Hannity: “When you get to the bottom of all of this, you see corruption, and a level of lying, and smears, slander, besmerchment, character assassination, and outright state TV…and its sort of like a 1984 scenario here, where people who do tell the truth, they are excoriated.”

Anyone outside the cult would read the comment above, and acknowledge that it’s a great description of the Trump administration and Fox “News”. Hannity is as incapable of Levin as seeing the irony of his dialogue.

“corruption” – besides the current headliner of the Ukraine trial in the Senate, along with not supplying requested documents and instructing subpoenaed witnesses to appear. There’s the violation of the Emoluments clause, paying off porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about his affair. Then there’s Trump “University” for which he was found guilty of running a scam, his usage of taxpayer money for personal business endeavors. He made sure Ivanka’s clothing line was not being subject to imposed tariffs. Then there was the illegal $25K donation to Florida AG Pam Bondi. “Coincidentally” right after that donation, Bondi dropped an her nvestigation into his sham University. This is just a short list.
“..a level of lying” – Trump is up to 15,000 outright lies or misleading statements. We have never seen anything remotely like this.

“..smears, slander, bersmerchment, character assasination” – Again, Trump is unparalleled. You would think Hannity is describing the majority of Trump’s tweets.

“outright state TV” – Here is Sean, describing the very network he works for.

“..people who do tell the truth, they are excoriated.”

People like the Trump/Zellinsky whistleblower. Lev Parnas. Or Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovich. Like Col. Vindman who testified against Trump and had to be relocated shortly thereafter off base due to death threats. Like Trump’s continuous insults on Twitter that rile up the obnoxious and ignorant part of his base to take action against master Trump’s enemies. Like the countless appointees and ambassadors who were released because they had the audacity to confront or not agree to Trump’s demand. The endless death threats to both Republicans and Democrats who dare to oppose Trump.

Hannity: “Remember, we were debating, that this is a manufactured crisis on the border, while meanwhile in the second term of Obama, they sounded like Donald Trump.”

“They” never said anything like Trump has, nor took actions that remotely resembled any of Trump’s policy. Yes, of course Obama expressed concern for tightening border security.

But I don’t recall Obama claiming he wanted to build a wall, warning us that there are rapists and murderers crossing over.

The Obama administration also didn’t separate children from their parents unless the action was warranted. This would include when the “parent” was suspected of being drunk or under the influence of drugs, or suspected of being a coyote presenting themselves as a parent.

Hannity: What they’ve done to the office of the presidency, they’ve weakened it.

No Sean, Trump has weakened the office. And you have aided in this by lying and promoting his behavior as acceptable and presidential. Sean does what he does best, imploring you to understand that it’s all the Fox “News” followers are the victims.

Considering all of the major media outlets, the arena that is the Fox “News” bubble is the only place a comment like this Hannity’s could be taken seriously. For blame here is not on deserving handed to Trump, with the finger pointing to his long list of ignorance, lies, obstruction, threats, actions and words of an authoritarian and a complete disregard for the Constitution- all of which perhaps making him the worst president in the history of the U.S.

Rather Hannity and Levin want to assure you that it’s everyone else who can objectively see Trump for who his is, are the real culprits.

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