Trump’s Rabid Religiosity Draws Support In Michigan

I’m currently watching the tightly controlled “Trump supporters only” Trump/Pence rally in Michigan on Breitbart live stream. Pence just spoke. He would be far more dangerous than Trump, as he’s much more skilled at hiding corruption and has a much higher level of political prowess and intelligence. Through all of the past testimony pointing to obvious Trump criminality, Pence’s name goes relatively unmentioned with the exception of Col. Vindman who testified that he brought up his concerns with Trump’s demands with Pence in the room, and claimed that Pence nodded (an observation that is hardly incriminating to Pence).

Of course Pence knew about all of this. But Pence is sharp, dangerous, and knows how to disassociate.

Pence’s speech just ended, and the Breitbart commentators with little hesitation just starting reading viewers comments in rapid/rabid succession. The lines ran as follows (roughly paraphrasing): “God bless you Pence and Trump” “God bless the U.S.A” “God bless you Pence” “Thank you for covering what you the mainstream don’t cover, God Bless…”

Now Donald “Corinthians Two” Trump’s speech just started with him giving glory to God, then reminding everyone that he was “Man of the Year,” and continuing on with even more self-praise. It’s amazing how many of the evangelicals conveniently make excuses for him and anoint him, but seemingly forget or ignore Jesus’ “wolf in sheep’s clothing” parable.

It is a line that perfectly disrobes Trump. But though an obvious interpretation, it is one that is too inconvenient to consider for many who have gone all in with enablers such as Sean Hannity, accepting his words as substitutable Biblical proverbs.

We see a narcissistic leader continually pandering to a crowd who unfortunately are only willing to accept the streamlines that confirms and reinforces the worst of their own ideology. Trump is their man. His evoking the name of a higher power at best diverts attention from his own blatant corruption, immorality, and outright sociopathic behavior, at worst conjoins Godliness with his own actions.

The alarm sounds for those recalling or having learned about grave moments in world history similar to this. Luckily we have protections instilled by our founders, that tyrant Trump has tried to divert with varying degrees of success. The fact that he has ordered those closest to him with direct knowledge and information regarding the Ukraine scandal to defy a Congressional subpoena and not testify, should tilt the public opinion impeachment to 100% for, 0% against. This is not how innocent people operate.

But we live in a Fox “News” world. They have reinforced our right not to acknowledge reality.

Because the crux of this travesty of as been in works for a while now. Trump didn’t invent it, as he has nowhere near the intellect to do so. Rather he absorbed it. He is a showman- an entertainer for the na├»ve who is on full display tonight. Whether he himself actually believes any of his own drivel is insignificant, for he only believes in himself. And in Trumponian dialect, believing in yourself doesn’t mean confidence. It means all your thoughts, actions, and words are construed to appease the only thing that matters – your own ego. Because you are God.

He has learned from the rhetoric of fellow narcissist Rush Limbaugh and other influential neo-right wing figures who tell their followers not to trust scientists. Don’t trust professors. Don’t trust the media and what they say about me. Yes, I may be the man of 15,000 misleading or outright easily verified lies on record, but you can trust me, as it’s God’s hand that guides me.

Trump, the ultimate victim, is now on his “The media isn’t fair to me” tirade. Perfect time to go to bed.

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