Trump’s Morality Rot And Future GOP Hypocracy

The Trump administration is the unearthed weed that was firmly entrenched in the soil when it was the Reagan Republican Party. Hopefully sunlight will disinfect. Reagan’s dog whistles, implicit notions, and insinuations with a wink are now expressed overtly by the GOP, catalyzed by Donald Trump’s stupidity, lack of political prowess, narcissism, and lack of self restraint.

Surely, some unfathomable moments await. There will be a Republican somewhere who will complain about the national debt once Trump is out of office, despite remaining silent these last three years.

There will be a Republican somewhere, who once again will be judging the morality and character of Democrats in political power, without a word spoken in these last three years.

And there will be a Republican who will somehow make the claim that it is their party who loves and respect those in the military, despite what we witnessed today.

Acolytes Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Chris Stewart chose to degrade a military veteran with an honorable career, in the name of, and in full obedience to Master Trump.

Today’s GOP slogan on military service: “Bone Spurs over Purple Hearts.”

And thanks to right-wing hate media (which can be easily blamed on Trump but started with Rush Limbaugh and is alive and well by dozens of right-wing popular personalities), the military is removing Lt. Col. Vindman and his family from their private civilian residence, relocating them to a military base location for concern of their safety.

This is what happens when cult-like allegiances and misplaced anger replaces pragmaticism, empathy, honor, and decency.

Making America Great Again…

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