Conservative Satire Misses At Point Blank Range

From The Babylon Bee (the Conservative version of “The Onion”) as shared by Ben Shapiro, in effort to ridicule Walmart’s decision to stop selling ammunition.  Read it here.

The comparison attempts to make a profound point by using poorly concocted satire.  But it’s completely nonsensical.

1) People don’t need ammo to get to their jobs. They don’t buy ammo to drive their kids to soccer practice, go to the grocery store, or take a road trip. Cars are necessary for most Americans to go about their daily lives. Guns are used to shoot things. The intention one may have when buying ammo or a gun should be questioned to a greater degree than one who purchase auto parts. The decision to stop selling ammo is sensible; the one to stop selling auto parts is not.

2) Someone buying a new auto part at Walmart would likely decrease their chances of causing an accident, replacing an old part with the new and making the vehicle safer. Not selling new auto parts would make society more dangerous. Yet the opposite is true of guns/ammo. The correlation with more guns in civilian hands leading to more deaths is irrefutable.

3) Because automobiles are dangerous when misused, law requires us to buy auto insurance, register the car under our name, and mandate that the driver be licensed and pass an aptitude test. Purchasing auto parts are at least somewhat protected from malfeasance or misuse for the vehicle it will be used for. Yet Conservatives have cut in loopholes or flat out blocked every measure proposed to require the same for firearms.

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