Prager U Pulls Off Superfecta

The meme shared on Facebook by Prager U:

“We ought to be as outraged at the speed with which tuition has increased as we are by the lengths people we go to get their kids into fancy schools”

-Mike Rowe

Only Prager U could pull this off. Here, they showcase their ability of not overtly saying anything, but rather letting someone that you’ve probably heard of make an implication that falls in line with their right-wing ideology. Here they hit the Superfecta – they managed to do it all in one sentence. 1) a contradiction to their own professed opinions, 2) a straw-man argument, 3) an inaccuracy in basic civics, 4) a verifiable fact that runs directly opposite to their intended message:

1) PragerU has at least one meme and a full video mocking celebrities who choose to be opinionated about politics. I guess the celebrities who agree with their ideology are exempt from that criticism…

2) No one was outraged by the wealth of Lori Laughlin or Felicity Huffman. What evokes outrage are immoral people with wealth who use that wealth in what essentially amounts to a bribery scheme that garners them underserved and privileged treatment.

3) The main reason education is so expensive is because of the efforts of Republicans over the last 40 years to defund local/state/federal funding of higher education – something viewed as an investment by every other industrialized nation. It all started with California Governor Ronald Reagan defunding his state of California, then President Ronald Reagan promoting the same action on a federal level. Anyone who went to a public university in the 1950’s/1960’s/1970’s can attest to this – college was extremely inexpensive, or else free. 80/20 government/out-of-pocket funding percentage back then is reversed to 20/80 today. Education is now for those only who can afford it, or the alternative is crippling student loan debt that in most cases cannot even be rid by bankruptcy.

4) 6 of the 9 universities mentioned in the Department Of Justice report are private institutions, not public. If Prager wants to point a single finger at corrupt government funded public universities, they’ll have to point a finger on each hand at the private ones.

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