Rush Limbaugh’s Irrational Worker Comparison

Rush Limbaugh believed this call to be poignant enough to release the transcript on his website, and sharing it on his Facebook page.

His point is straightforward.  If a construction worker becomes laid off, they don’t get they sympathy, support, and Go Fund Me pages like the furloughed federal employees received after the partial government shutdown.  But these two types of workers are completely incomparable with three big differences:

    1. If you’re laid off from your construction job, it is likely you were incompetent, or the company made a strategic business move to do so.  In other words, there was a good reason why you were terminated from your job.  There was no good reason for Trump/McConnells’ historic shutdown as these are competent workers.
    2. The caller says that “Nobody cares whether we’re paying our mortgage, our bills. We gotta take care of ourselves. We gotta go get jobs, do what we do, get back to work.”  Yet the caller makes no mention that as a fired employee, he can collect unemployment – an option the federal workers did not have as they were not terminated from their jobs.  They either quit, refused to come into work, or worked without pay – none of which qualify for unemployment.
    3. CALLER: “We don’t get back pay when we get back to work, either.”  This is because you were not working.  The majority of these federal workers continued to work despite not getting a paycheck. The paycheck they will now receive will include that work that went unpaid.


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