Will Witt Creates Alternate Reality With Selective Editing

Realism must be presented unaltered, not created by only choosing examples that fit the reality you wish to project.

If you interview enough people, you can find a few select samples to support your generalization of that group, even if it’s completely inaccurate.  The possibility that Will Witt got a much broader set of responses than this video portrayed is very likely.  Because you can bet that the few people shown in this video are just a small sample of those who he actually questioned.

It’s also extremely probable that the answers he received from the responses not shown in the video were a mixed bag – Republicans who wouldn’t be friends with Democrats, Democrats who would be friends with Republicans, articulate answers by those who identify as Democrats, muddied and uninformed answers by those who identify as Republicans.

But those video clips obviously won’t make the editing block.  In other words, reality is ignored in the name of a ideological purpose.

This video quickly struck me as a farce as I myself have friends who are Republicans.  And it’s not too difficult to find cases of extreme intolerance by those on the right – just state a viewpoint that would typically be regarded as “liberal” on a right-wing website, and read the “tolerant” responses you get.

What would be irresponsible is if I walked around interviewing a bunch of people, perhaps in a southern state that supported Trump, and used only the clips of the most ignorant and intolerant conservative responses, and pair them in my presentation alongside the most poignant and educated responses I received from democrats.  Yet this is exactly what Will Witt does here on behalf of conservative ideology, and continues to do so with his frequently occurring “street interview” style questioneering.


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