Limbaugh Prefers TMZ-Style Coverage Over Actual News

Shown in this clip are hospital workers in Pittsburgh showering praise and thanks to Donald and Melania Trump.  Rush Limbaugh argues that because this clip won’t be shown in network newscasts, it is evidence that of mainstream news bias.  Fellow right-wing colleages Mark Levine and Michael Savage also posted the same sentiment.

I guess they feel that actual video and audio evidence of the Trump supporters existing outside his tightly controlled rallies is considered newsworthy.  Let that sink in.

For this bias to exist as Limbaugh claims, I’m sure the mainstream news networks have showcased plenty of footage of jubilated Obama fans taking video of their interactions with him.  Yet I was unable to find one single clip.

But to the broader picture:

So 11 are shot and killed in a Pittsburgh synagogue in the deadliest anti-Semitic terrorist attack in U.S. history.  Donald and Melania Trump arrive in Pittsburgh despite the resistance of many including the mayor, the governor, a petition signed by 10,000 people, and 2,000 people protesting in the streets.

But Limbaugh, Levine, and Savage think that a cell-phone clip of what appears to be a half-dozen hospital workers yelling to get the Trump’s attention, showering them with praise and thanks, is a story that should be included in that news cycle.

If these right-wing political pundants really want these clips shown on a broader scale, they should go and invest in a new network of their liking.  If this clip is any indication of their idea of news, perhaps a TMZ for Conservatives-style program should be considered.

But this clip is not news.  It does not deserve to be included in the seriousness of the moment.



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