Ben Shapiro’s Failure At Obama/Kavanaugh Comparison

Injected into our media is a litany of bad commentary made up of  desperate comparisons and full-blown detractions away from the issue at hand.  Conservative talent seem to suddenly suggest that the outrage towards Brett Kavanaugh’s potential confirmation is about his denial of drinking heavily in high school rather that the actual issue of sexual assault.  Ben Shapiro’s “Dailywire” tows that line here, inexplicably bringing former president Barack Obama into the mix.

Ben Shapiro on Facebook: “Look what just surfaced,”  then providing the following link:

The title of the piece: “Obama Admits To Heavy Drinking, Drug Problems As An “Adolescent’ In Rare Video Footage”

First off, this information didn’t just surface – we’ve known about this for over a decade now, through his own statements apart from this video, and biographies written about him.  

Second, the Dailywire author Ryan Saavedra doesn’t even realize he’s making the case for the Democratic opposition against Kavenaugh.  The key word is “admits”.  Because at least Obama “admitted” to heavy drinking.  Kavanaugh, instead chooses to insult our intelligence and common sense, defying the statements by those who know him who claim that he did drink heavily.

What does Kavanaugh’s accusation of sexual assault have to do with Obama’s drinking behavior as a youth?  Nothing.  What connection can be made between the two?  None.

Ben Shapiro – if you have a story about Obama sexually assaulting a woman, than break that story and share with us all.  Then perhaps a legitimate comparison can be drawn.  But if not, stop posting meaningless drivel that has zero substance, instead created only to rile up your right-wing viewership.

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