Head-Scratching Cowardice in Helsinki

Disgraceful. An absolutely disgusting and grotesque display of diplomacy. This type of appeasement favoring a murderous KGB election-rigging dictator with countless human rights violations along with an endless list of verifiable lies on his resume (maybe this is how Trump relates so closely) over our U.S. intelligence reports, including those submitted by our own Republican-led intelligence committee, is one of the largest stains in modern U.S. history.  There is no better way to express what has just occurred Helsinki.

Anyone outside the cultish bubble can see that the 35 Mueller indictments and plea deals, most of which relate directly to Russian dealings and communications, verify the obvious…unless you turn on Fox “News” or the Hannity radio program which you swear is stuck on a continuous loop from 2016 programming discussing the “uranium scandal” or perhaps the Clinton e-mails.

Yet these are not reruns, rather detractions by talent who unfortunately threw all their chips in on Don “The Con”, but invested too much and too early on in his worship to rescind any portion of their bet.

They have taken it too far, and it’s too late for them to speak pragmatically with any degree of credibility.  Instead, they’ve become spokesman for a cult.

And then today happened. And as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, Donald J. Trump will still somehow, someway, inexplicably, still have his supporters.

Putin showed up an hour late.  He walks all over Trump and actually has the President of the United States telling us that we are partly to blame for the Russians involvement in potentially altering our democratic electoral process.  Trump tells us that Putin is innocent because his verbal denials were “strong and powerful.”

He gave some exciting news, explaining to us that Putin offered to have his Russian intelligence work alongside with U.S. intelligence to get to the bottom of this, and declaring this to be an “incredible offer” implying this verifies that Putin should be vindicated.

That’s correct. The intelligence agency of our enemy who also happened to interfere with our 2016 elections should be allowed in to assist in this investigation.

Let this sink in. To reiterate – there will still be Trump supporters tomorrow.  People who call themselves “patriots” and claim that they love the U.S.A. will continue to supply an unwavering and steady stream of unconditional loyalty.  They got immensely screwed by the GOP tax-cut scam.  Their jobs are being compromised by haphazard tariff implementation (which could be effective if a bit of logic, instead of vendetta and ego were applied).  And now their national identity and security is completely compromised because, as every other country looking to get something from the U.S. has already found out, Trump is weak, can be easily appeased by stroking his ego, has many skeletons in the closet, and is easily manipulated.

Take a stupid wall and the xenophobia that came with it, and lie after lie about government gun control. Beyond that, there’s little irrationality left to be passed to the masses who are willing to absorb.

Republicans might be relying on SCROTUS nominee Kavanaugh to resurrect Roe v. Wade as their ace in the hole, to ensure that the outrage will persist, carrying the flame from the two previously mentioned B.S. issues and now igniting discourse about abortion which is likely to be uncivil.

Because that’s the way Trump rolls. Incivility. Mockery. Denigration. Ignorance. Intolerance. Dishonesty. Sociopathy.

Putin has something on Trump.  And Trump is sacrificing the integrity of our nation to save his own skin.  My confidence in the legitimacy of the Steele dossier is growing.  Or perhaps even incidents of greater magnitude from which Trump can be easily compromised.

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