Fact Checking Shapiro’s “Fact Check” on Net Neutrality Comments

Those writing for Ben Shapiro’s “Dailywire” once again show they are in no position to be fact-checking anything, as their ability to do so is impeded by ideologically driven dishonesty. Shapiro himself promotes this misleading garble on his Facebook page with the words “Fact check: false”  Here is the piece.

From Dailywire writer Ryan Saavedra:

“..the claim that the FCC received ‘millions’ of pro-net neutrality comments during the review period is extremely misleading, as a study from Pew Research Center found that nearly all of those comments were fake.”

But neither NPR nor PEW said that “nearly all” of the “pro-net neutrality” comments were fake.  Rather, that statement was made regarding all of the comments in total, whether pro, or anti-net neutrality.  And as you’ll see in a minute, they were not of equal proportion.

He has the gall to use the phrase “extremely misleading.”  What constitutes a phrase to be extremely misleading would be to mention that there were millions of fake pro-net neutrality comments, and not mention that there were actually twice as many fake anti-net neutrality comments.  Yet that’s exactly what Saavedra did.

If he was not intending to mislead, he would have posted this comment from the very NPR report he’s writing about, followed by this chart from PEW which was also included in that report:

“Pew found that the most prevalent single comment, filed 2.8 million times, opposed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal to roll back the net-neutrality regulations.  But then the next six most prevalent comments favored Pai’s position.”


In adding up the total fake comments provided by PEW of those same comment submitted at least 500,000 times, the true narrative is actually the opposite of what Ben Shapiro propaganda wants his readers to believe.  Pro-net neutrality comments = 2.8 million.  Anti-net neutrality = 5.4 million.

In other words, PEW found that the anti-net neutrality fake comments were double those of the pro-net neutrality comments. Yet Shapiro doesn’t even give those anti-net neutrality fake comments a single mention, implying that the problems with the fake comments were only those in favor of net neutrality.

Fact-check on Ben Shapiro’s fact-check = FALSE.

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