Donald Trump and His Dire Warning Against “Happy Holiday” Socialism

I’m watching Donald “Corinthians Two” Trump live from the conservative Value Voters summit, reading from the teleprompter and reciting Bible verses while talking about how great God and Jesus are, embracing and praising the Judeo-Christian values and insisting that those values are under attack.

Thankfully, he addressed maybe the most important issue that is currently plaguing our nation:

“We’re saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again!”

Because what kind of nation would we be if we didn’t insist that those who don’t celebrate Christmas, say ‘Merry Christmas’?

We all know that greetings such as “Happy Holidays” inevitably will lead to a godless, soulless, communist state. Bernie Sanders would become our dictator and our houses will either being engulfed in 100 alarm fires, or else inundated with Orwellian watchful eyes installed in every small-appliance we own.

But what is actually alarming are the Christians who actually believe that Trump has genuine and sincere values as it relates to the teachings of Jesus. For they correlate conservative ideology so tightly with their own Christian religion that they are unable to differentiate between the two, and thus cannot help but perceive Donald Trump as an actual Christian who lives his life to give hope and spread God’s love to others.

This is the stark reality some people choose to live in. They can stand there without dissonance and not only listen to Donald Trump talk about compassion, character, morality, and humility, but give heart-felt applause to his every insincere stanza.

For the majority of us who are outside of this cult-like fixation, an obvious narcissistic sociopath is on a rampage – and he’s irreparably ruining things.

Ironically, there is a verse in the bible that is describing exactly what’s going on, yet it’s these words of Jesus from the book of Matthew that Trump-supporting Christians are seemingly indifferent about:

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them.”

About that “fruit”…

Of all the problem’s the ACA had, it was doing a good job of making health insurance affordable for the poor who could otherwise not afford it. But no longer.

In the news today, we have learned that Trump has ended those subsidies via executive order. These subsidies were essentially the only reason why the plans under the ACA were made affordable for the poor.

So the millions of American’s who were able to get health insurance because of those ACA subsidies, will go back to being uninsured.

(Side note: Specific provisions in the ACA were made into law by Congress. Trump says let’s get rid of this provision, and just like that, the provision is erased- a president just removed law written by Congress.  Not to worry though- I’m sure all of the right-wing pundits, congressmen, and self-proclaimed conservative believers in the Constitution who ranted daily on President Obama’s over-reaching use of executive power will be lambasting Trump in the same way. I do however expect that commentary to be a little delayed.. there are more pertinent issues to discuss such as Hillary’s e-mails and Benghazi. It might even be a Monica Lewinsky day

Also, side note #2: At least Reagan had the intelligence, political savviness, discipline, and leadership ability to subtlety infect government programs using attrition via Constitutional means outside of the spotlight, stripping the funding for these programs and rendering them ineffective, then using those starved government programs as poster children for why government doesn’t work [Conservative Party Politics 101]. Reagan’s destruction was cleverly done and disguised. Trump has none of these characteristics and has to achieve policy with blatant actions and loud noise with little ambiguity of his intentions).

The libertarian worldview prevails once again, supported by Trump and the Republican Congress. Of those who can no longer afford health insurance with the subsidy gone, many will inevitably develop a serious health problem. But the libertarian philosophy goes as follows:

“You cannot afford to pay for that $70K emergency appendectomy that needed to be performed to save your life? You should have worked harder and saved for it. You don’t have an extra million dollars in your savings account to pay for these cancer treatments? Shame on you for being lazy and not earning more. If you have money or at least know of an entity willing to give or lend you money, you are worthy of treatment. If not, suffer with your ailment. We as libertarians know that government (all of us collectively) is evil and it cannot get involved.

Does this run completely contradictory to the many verses in the New Testament in which Jesus heals the sick unconditionally, and speaks about “the least among us”? Of course it does.

Here’s another New Testament verse as stated by Jesus:

“We who are many form one body, and each member belongs to one another” Romans 12:5

THIS is the very definition of government. No matter how a right-wing, government-hating orator tries to spin it, this is government in it’s most organic state. It isn’t naturally dysfunctional or inept, yet as I’ve written before, conservative Supreme Court justices with libertarian principals are the main reasons for our government’s current disgraceful state, bearing little semblance to a government by and for the people.

The idea that we each chip in a fraction of a penny to help a fellow American to alleviate their suffering is unconscionable to a libertarian, solely because government is the implementation mechanism.

And when an opinion is voiced that we do what every other industrialized nation does and demand health care to be a right, these disingenuous narrators tells you that if we listen to these ideas, “Happy Holidays” style Socialism is inevitable. How dare we as a society each chip in a tiny amount to heal a fellow American who is suffering, in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world.

There is no “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” when you’re sick, and Trump’s actions are the antithesis of everything that Christian ideology claims to embrace and believe in. ■

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