Obama, Guns, on PBS NewsHour

In this clip, the president delivers a great explanation which rebuts the questioner’s idea supplanted by right-wing media, that those on the left want to take away everyone’s guns.  The president correctly articulates that it is the NRA who take any kind of sensible gun restriction proposed by Democrats, and project it to their base as an all out assault on the gun rights of the responsible gun owner.  As an unfortunate consequence of this fear-mongering, our government cannot even restrict firearms/ammunition to an individual living in the States found to be an “ISIL sympathizer.” 

Also, to address the statement made by the audience member concerning the rampant gun-related crime in Chicago and it’s strict gun laws- it is true that it’s a city with very stringent laws pertaining to gun ownership.   But these laws are essentially nullified when over half of all guns recovered have been shown to be from out-of-state, according to the collection data from the Chicago Police Department conducted from 2001-2012.  Read about it here.
Unless a federal law is passed involving a uniform set of restrictions applicable to all states, gun-related violence in Illinois will not dissipate as long as a criminal can simply cross the state line into Indiana and easily obtain a firearm.

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